Sunday, February 15, 2015

Zumba with Kat

I tricked Kat into spending Valentine’s Day with me at the gym.

Sneaky, sneaky.

Kat is my favorite. She is Ian’s fiance, really she is the reason we tolerate Ian, the big goof. She makes him better… in fact, she makes us all better. She is sweet and thoughtful (she handmade me a Valentine that inferred she would ‘do me’ as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s thoughtful, because I would love to get ‘done’).

Kat is also working towards a weight loss, get fit goal. We share fit-bit battles and protein shakes. We share everything… except my love of working out. So, this weekend I called my guy (yup, I have a gym guy) and set up a free pass for my good friend class, like a time share all we have to do is listen to a little speech about buying a membership, which isn’t happening, but we appreciated Kelly (the Aussie) and her giant smile.

How did I lure Kat in?? With Zumba. Its even fun to say. It takes no skill (don’t worry I will retract this statement later, but this is my thought process BEFORE class) and no heavy lifting. It’s a great entry class, plus how much fun would it be to shake your ass with a bunch of older ladies?? (the class is typically filled with 60 plusers who are killing the ALL of the moves. I can only hope I am that fit at 65).

We dressed all in black, hide at the back and waited for the class to start. It was going smoothly until this feisty little latino sniffed us out as newbies and came to introduce herself… she was the instructor. She told us to do our best, try to keep up and when in doubt just dance. Seems easy.


Enter Retraction: Zumba is freaking hard. I have no hips and I don’t know how to move the little hips I do have. My feet don’t cha-cha, kick ball or change. They walk or run. I can’t find the beat and after 20 minutes I am sweating, panting and looking to Kat for help. She looks much the same way and we both fall into a fit of giggles, which only gets a stern look from the feisty Latino, who’s hips must detach, because the way she is wiggling is unholy, sexy as hell, but completely unholy.

The class is ‘done’ 5 times before it actually ends and we run out before the feisty Latino can get to us.


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