Sunday, February 1, 2015


It's Sunday and a fresh week. I went to step this morning, for the new release. It was an athletic step release and i didn't love it. I am a power step kind of girl, 3 or 4 basic steps, but going hard and fast, with all the 'ups', but this new release had a lot of  'Dance-ish' moves and I had to pause to catch them. By the time I got caught up and up to speed, we were on to a new move, but plus they had us pause for squats and lunches.

I understand the all over workout, but Sunday is my cardio. I want balls out cardio, I want to kill myself for 60 minutes. I don't want to do strength. I do strength during every other work out.


But on the PLUS side... I got new shoes today. At the recommendation of my husband I bought Under Armour Shoes, and keeping in line with my previous post... they support Breast Cancer. I don't know how, or what that means, but they have a pink ribbon on them. Fancy!

And as an added excercise that isn't, we went tobogganing today! It was SO cold, but Thomas loved it (and so did I).


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