Thursday, January 29, 2015


I made a friend, or I found a friend at the gym today.



It’s was insanely early, but there we were at 6am ready to do BODY pump. I sized up her plates and briefly contemplating trying to keep up. Nope. This girl is strong and ambitious. She loaded more than double my weight and killed the class. We both has moments of hesitation, when we weren’t really sure if our bodies could do what our minds (and hearts) were asking, but we finished out 50minutes of cardio weight lifting.


And this class was awesome, killer play list, enthusiastic instructor who kept the class on pace and trucking along, despite the continuous lunges. More freaking lunges. I HATE lunges.


It’s only 10a and feel completely satisfied with the day. Now don’t eff it up.


I woke up with Thomas at 5:20 had a bottle and a cuddle, got dressed, grabbed a banana, headed to the gym, where I met a friend, had a killer class; got home with time to spare, greeted my boys before a  quick shower, had breakfast, made lunch, played with Thomas, kissed my husband and headed into work. If only every morning would go SO smoothly.


Tomorrow is week 2 weigh in. I am working to get up every 30 minutes and take a lap, my thighs HATE it, as do my knees, but they get relief tomorrow at hot yoga for a deep stretch, please send me your best wishes on surviving that class. I have never done an early Hot Yoga class, and think it might be the WORST with no time to eat, hydrate or prepare.


We shall see.




Ps. But weighing in after an hour of sweating, might be AMAZING!


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