Sunday, January 4, 2015

New toys to get my bit fit.

Richard is the king of support. He's all about me getting healthy, but I think part of it is selfish, who doesn't want a HOT wife. PLUS a healthy wife complains less about being unhealthy. He's so selfish. 

The boxing day we went shopping and he surprised me with a FitBit Flex. This is a stylish little bracelet that tracks me, like a needy girlfriend. It counts my steps, monitors my sleep and gathers all my details in one place (it also syncs with 

It's fascniating to see all of my details laid out and ironic on my 'busy' days I seem to do less than on my lazy days. I wish it had a heart rate monitor, it's only flaw. I have always been fascinated by how my body works. 

The goal is 10 000 steps a day. Which is tricky... 

So I am only a few days in... I will report back later with the help this has provided, or whether it is another novelty. 

I can't wait to hit the gym and see the lights flash. 

I need to get settled in the new gig, before I join the gym, but I can't freaking wait!! They have lots of 6am classes, which gives me lots of time to work out, shower and get to work on time. 

We've decided to delay baby stuff... so I have a few months to get back on top of my health which has declined. DE. CLINED.

Alright... tons to do for tomorrow.


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