Thursday, January 22, 2015

Get it done!

What a day for getting shit done. I found some sort of motivation to get up and go. And today I am in a getting shit done.

Mostly in the fitness world, since I feel like I have all the other aspects of my life worked out and mostly functional.


Katl and I are having daily competitions with our fitbits, I am continually losing, but it’s very motivating, because I hate to lose. I get up every 30minutes and take a lap 200-300 steps, but nothing compares to her commute, which I happily don’t have, but at the end of day I am walking more than if we weren’t battling it out for hypothetical fitbit badges.


I am joining Goodlife fitness! Well, I am on a trial for a week to see if the morning classes give me enough time to get to work in the AM, but that’s not even the best part. Vanessa (my ultimate workout buddy and the most physically fit person I know) is thinking about doing it all with me. What a motivator?!!?


AND Vanessa and I are going to take an Orangetheory fitness class, which seems like a crazy one hour interval training course, but amazing. We were originally road blocked, because you can’t do a trial in the AM, but we’ve figure out an evening that works for both of us and we’re going to make it work. If that goes well I might tack that on for a month, just to up my game.


Mornings at goodlife, evenings at Orangetheory… my body won’t know what to do with itself… the fat will run away in fear and I will hit my goal of losing 30lbs by my birthday. Gah.


All of that and I am working to get everything done at home, learning everything at work and working towards putting together a charity event with my favorite girls.


I will make a difference in this life, to myself, my family AND my world.


Remember BE better.


This is my better and I can only hope the high of this moment carries me through the early mornings… planning is the easy part.


And my biggest motivation "Dad, that's my smoothie!"


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