Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pink PJ and 20,000 steps

The sea of pink rolled through Georgetown this past weekend. What a perfect set-up for me, because if you remember correctly I love exercise that isn’t. Well Friday night was amazing, and full of exercise that wasn’t, that and a dance floor full of firefighters.  

I went to 'My sisters Pink PJ party' an amazing charity dinner, raising funds for Breast Cancer awareness. The co-ordinator holds the event in memory of her sister who passed away from Breast Cancer. 

This year I was invited by my Mommy friends and jumped at the opportunity for a night out with the ladies to support an incredible cause. A cause that has a huge opportunity to affect us as we age, expand our circle of loved ones and watch our parents age. 

So we helped raise a ton of cash; by eating, dancing and playing games, in the hopes of something amazing in the near future. 

Where does the fitness kick in?? Dancing for 2 hours. Jumping, squatting, lunging and drooling at the wonderful performance by the men in uniform. My fit bit tracked over 11,000 steps before it cut-out (low battery).... Kim hit 20,000 so I am sharing her number, she's cool with it.

I forgot how good it felt to dance, to let loose and work up a good sweat; to be silly, crazy and hang out with an entire crowd of fun loving adults. My hand is sore from all the high fiving (or possibly the dance clapping)! And this morning my thighs, bum and back ache, from my steady twerking, hard-core two stepping and incredible jumping to the beat. Not to mention my hoarse voice from all the ‘Wooo’, ‘Ow Ow’ and singing along with Bon Jovi.

I'm calling it a 'dance-over', because it feels similar to a hangover, but I didn’t ravage my body with alcohol.

The entire party dressed in pink, including our table of Pink Pirates and their fairy princess pirate (this was me, as I ran my mouth during planning, but my magic wand came in handy when we needed a male presence… with a simple flick of the wand, a handsome firefighter would appear with deviled eggs, or sausage rolls or a well-deserved photo opt).

Vanessa and I even co-ordinated outfits, for some BEFORE & AFTER posing. We will revisit our attire when I am happily in my ‘after’ status.

We even placed second in the toilet paper roll game. This is a tricky game of getting the ‘stick’ in the hole. Vanessa was the stick, I was the hole… twice we came in second, but I’m giving us FIRST place because WE didn’t cheat. I may, or may not, have batted my eye lashes at a handsome Firemen on an opposing team, but all’s’ fair in love and war.

Can't wait till next year!


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