Monday, January 26, 2015

Morning #1 and body pump

My first morning at the gym and I am issued a snowstorm challenge by the powers that be. Sadly for them, I did not succumb. I slide around the corners and drifted into a spot, with no time to spare. I raced up the stairs and hit the class 5 minutes in.


Body Pump is basically weight lifting for 60minutes, you work through circuits highlighting consecutive muscle groups. It’s a lot of legs… and lunges. I freaking hate lunges. So do my knees. I did the class. I kept pace. I surprised myself. Then I tried to walk down the stairs to the exit…  nothing worked. My legs suddenly forgot how to function. They quit on me. I held the railing and hobbled down the steps getting side-eye from the people arriving to the gym.


Thanks legs.


The only thing worse than the stairs, was the parking lot and a dozen icy patches between me and my car. I hope no one was watching.


Arm spread wide, for balance despite the deep ache from push-ups and dips. Slightly bent over, working on the theory that it will hurt less if I am closer to the ground when I fall. Knees bent and spread apart, because that feels good (well better than any other position). Bum out, as far as I could get it, hoping that would help with my balance… all of this while wearing a red face, hot pink toque, light pink winter jacket, mittens, hood and capri pants with winter boots.


What a mess. I laughed at myself the entire struggle.


No gym tomorrow! Woot!




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