Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jillian we meet again

Note to self: eat before class or you won't survive it.

There is no part of me that was satisfied with that class. I think it had the bones of a good workout, but a substitute instructor, low energy music and an unprepared body.... 15minutes in I got nauseous and bored. 

Today felt like a lot of effort with no payout. I wish there was a 6a step class. 

And can I add, I know interval training  and I know Jillian's style, this was not it. I am hoping it was a case of unpreparedness on the substitutes side (otherwise she was lovely and upbeat), but she kept missing the tones. Everyone who interval trains knows you wait for that tone (ding or beep), it means the end of that interval, you GO HARD until that ding! Today the ding was embedded in the track, but not in use. I am programmed to stop at the ding.


I am going to go in early tomorrow and do a bit of cardio before BODYpump and I am reevaluating Hot Yoga in the AM... I need time to prep for that class, hydrate.

Until tomorrow!


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