Saturday, January 24, 2015

This girl got a Gym membership!

I am about to live the GOOD life. I finally got to join a gym, Good life is my dream gym, but has never been in the budget before. Not to mention the lack of available time. With my new job I have extra time in the AM. 

So today I met with Cory (the sales guy) with the intention of signing a 3 day pass, but after rambling on and on about my goals, my life and my delivery story... I committed to a year (there is a 10day cancellation period, but I'm not going to use it). So tomorrow it begins. No more lazy. 

Hot yoga tomorrow morning... three 6am classes this week and then maybe a personal trainer.

I want it, but it's a lot... losing 30lbs in 10weeks is a lot too.

Wish me luck.



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