Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stepping it up!

Today I went to the gym, with the wrong schedule, broken earphones and a hole in the crotch of my pants.

And it was awesome!

All of last week I prepped and planned for my triumphant return to the world of gym goers, sadly I look like a resolutionist (all the ambitious folks who plan to get healthy, but lose interest in 6 weeks), but I am not. I am a lifer... it's been 14 years. You'd never know by looking at me, but this girl knows her way around the gym.

So Sunday morning came, I had woken up in the night to drink as much water as possible,trying to hydrate for Hot Yoga. I quickly ate, as to not go into class with a full belly. I packed my bag, I even bought a new yoga mat. I had fresh socks and perfect hair.

I ran out the door psyched to finally be at the gym.

I ran up the three flights of stairs, scanned my card and stepped into the gym.

Big breath.

And the realization, I am an hour early. An hour. 

What am I going to do for an hour?

Can this old body handle an hour of cardio BEFORE an hour of hot power yoga??? No.

So I opt to go for a run.

I pick a locker, grab my water and my headph---, I forgot my headphones. They are locked on the other side of the parking lot, down the three flights of stairs.


I jog down the steps, open the door, shiver in the cold and wander to my car, wrestle the headphones out of the cup holder and skip back inside and up the three flights of stairs (my fitbit freaking LOVES it).

I get everything out of the change room and hop on the elliptical.

Go to pop my earphones in and--

Really?? The gym gods are punishing me for the last 6 months of laziness.

So I tuck it in my ear, but it's not the same.

I'm zipping along and it feels good, but I want better. I want to do a class. 

I google Goodlife schedule and finally some luck! Step class starts in 13minutes.

But where?? I opted out of the tour, I wander around until I find a crowd of ladies and sure enough, it's the line up for spin.

They welcome me in to the conversation. They're wonderful and offer tips, advice and even the scoop on which classes to avoid.

It's nice to be apart of this world again. Like motorcycle riders... You have instant friends.

We get into class, where I am introduced as new, I am setting up my step and as I bend I feel a draft or an empty spot, between my legs. Oh god. I have a hole
in my pants, right in the groin region. And like most experienced gym goers I am not wearing anything under my gym pants (in case you didn't know, most women don't wear panties... layers and bunching are nobodies friend).


I'm doing it anyways. Eff it.

So I do. It's upbeat, loud and exhilarating.

Now I am prepping for my first 6am class.

Wish me luck!

Body Pump is tomorrow!


Ps. Step pushed me over 10,000 steps today!! Squee!

And now that I am using my fitbit to it's full potential, I like it.

Thanks babe!!

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