Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I feel like I apologize a lot.

I'm sorry. I am sorry I can't keep up a blog lately... which isn't completely true, because I have several and I promise the others are updated all the time... not to make this blog feel neglected, but with the wedding and a crazy mother in law the other blogs are over loaded with material.

As for the fitness side of things... I am still out there working it. Its been almost a week since I've had a good workout, but I have a cold... and I think it is killing me. I am not sleeping or breathing. I am clouded and coughing. I don't think its right to take a sick day and than go for a run.

So today I am going back to the gym... not for my spin class, but for a light elliptical. Its something right? I have been keeping up with my diet and honestly I am doing well.

Nothing to report... I've lost a few inches, but haven't lost any pounds. I am getting nervous... my mother has lost 42 pounds! Good for her, but makes me feel like a slacker... it has taken me 2 years to lose 45. Argh!


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