Monday, November 21, 2011


You know... I enjoy running. I enjoy the sweat and the struggle. I enjoy the time alone with my thoughts. I enjoy the notable progress. I like the available schedules and the routine, yet I always stop running. I stop because my knees hurt. I stop because it rains or snows. I stop because the treadmills are full. I stop because I am lazy and the elliptical is so much more appealing. Then I start again and I remember I love it. I remember the results and the sweat. I wonder every time WHY DO I STOP RUNNING?

Running is even the best solution for weight loss... I lose pounds and inches when I run.

So... I am going to run. As of today (I just finished week 1, day 1) I am doing a 6 week schedule. Which means by January 1st, 2012. I will be able to run 60minutes without stopping (again). I will also be 10 pounds lighter. This is the goal... I am hoping this goal will motivate me through the holidays and prevent weight gain. I took into consideration the holidays and the parties... I have worked the schedule all the way around every obstacle... well almost. Snow. I have no resolution for snow. If it snows and I am scheduled for an at home work out... then i am not running.

I am also going to attempt to get my punching filled so I can kick box on those off days that I can't run. I figure I have to do something for my arms and like running, I love boxing and it works.

I am back on track... I had a very drunk weekend for of contemplating and nothing I am trying to do is really that hard... especially based on the battle my Dad will be fighting for the rest of his life.

Retro running Melanie

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