Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am not sick... actually let's re-phrase with 'I am not sick enough to write a one sentence post about being sick' thats more accurate.

I was linking previous posts and clicked the wrong button without realizing until later... Oops. Sorry if I caused concern and I will promptly return the chicken noodle soup delivered lovingly to my door... Kidding! I am not returning anything.

As for today... its a whole new day. I am having a terrible, no good, very bad day. I woke up 4 times through the night; the first was because Richard fell asleep with the TV on... on wrestling. The Big guy was in the middle of yelling at the bigger guy and it all seeped into my dreams. I woke up angry and confused, slapped Richard (unintentionally) and made him turn the TV off. All of this was even more awkward, because of how sore every fiber of my being was/is. Why am I so sore you ask. I decided to run. Outside. In November. In Canada. I have this running schedule that hangs over my head and in sharing it with Richard he lays a mighty fine guilt trip when I make excuses. Its good and motivating, but sad and depressing when I am running in the dark to meet my goal. I did a 45minute run and ran just over 6k... go me! I came home with a runny nose and every part of my body ached... see my previous post in regards to the stairs that I faced to get out of the rain and into my warm house.

Wait... where was I? Right, today sucks. So not only am I tired, from being woken up (a second time involved a vivid dream about my teenage children) but while styling my mane (see picture) I through my neck out... at least that is what I think I did, because I have never done it before I can't be sure. As of right now I can't turn my head or accurately navigate my left arm without pain. On top of all that it is raining and oh yea, I fell down the stairs. Hmpf. Its really the only word to correctly grasp this kind of day. Hmpf.

Ironic though... all these things go wrong on the day I have a doctors' appointment... my first in 13 months. He's going to cringe as I shake out my laundry list of ailments for him to work out. The most important will be my Hypo symptoms... followed quickly by my neck pain. I think that testing will involve blood work too... so my very bad day will be complete with a needle. Hmpf.

I hope you enjoyed my pain... it almost makes it all worth it.


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