Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 1 - Done!

I finished my first week of running. I feel good. I do love running... and today I feel even more like a runner, a dedicated, work through the pain runner. This is because, without realizing it, I ripped the nail off my middle toe. Don't picture it. It's purple and painful. I didn't even realize it till my post run shower... it just kind of hurt.

Sadly I wear it proudly... injuries (that aren't life threatening) make me feel like I am doing something, anything. I know that is weird, but its true. A sore muscle, a busted toe, a bra wound means I am working... I am not just coasting along.

I ran outside yesterday, in Canada, in November... it was 14 degrees. I am enjoying the weather, but I know we will pay for it in the months to come. It's Canada and it is never this warm without consequence. Ew. Now running outside my speed/pace changes with my mood, inside the treadmill determines my pace (based on my direction)... anyways it is easier to fluctuate without the treadmill. I thought this would mean slower... let's face it, I am naturally lazy, but to my surprise I ran faster; 0.35km faster. I can explain... week one is the same for every workout so I can watch my progress.

Day One - 35 minutes; 4.18km (treadmill)
Day Two - 35 minutes; 4.04km (treadmill.. I thought I was going SO much faster)
Day Three - 35 minutes; 4.53km (outside)

I always prefer to run outside... it keeps me entertained, which I why I think I gave up running in the first place. I can't read a book on the treadmill and it gets boring staring at the wall for an hour, while on the elliptical I can read a book. I like books Thus the STOP running mystery is solved.

The only known downside to running outside (at home) is all the stairs. I believe I have told you about my house of stairs... after a run I do not want to walk up 100 stairs to get to the shower.

So much stairs
And finally picture of the much complained about stairs... although, I have to tell you my bum has never looked better since we moved into the house of stairs.

No running today (unless weather allows) because I have a lunch thingy to go to and its worth it. Its a going away lunch for my work husband... I can't say much more than that or I will cry... *Sniff*

Week TWO should start tomorrow... right after I go to the doctor to fix my lingering Hypothyroidism symptoms... wish me luck!


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