Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doctors and Needles and Bad News OH MY!

Ok... so we don't have the bad news yet. Hopefully there is NO bad news to even discuss. As we know I headed to my favorite place in the whole wide world... the doctors office. This is where I sat for 2 hours waiting to get acknowledged. I hate waiting, but in my old age I have grown wise and brought a book to read... I got 12 chapters done, just to clarify the amount of almost wasted time.

Any who... I got into the office, just for a 'check-up', but I brought a laundry list of symptoms and ailments to discuss. I only venture to the doctor every couple of years... over my time away I put together a list of all the things that I want to discuss so I don't forget (one the list - bad memory, ironic). Then I sit in the cramped little office and tell my doctor of 17 years what I want to know.

This visit had a VERY long list, because I am in baby prep mode and want to work out all the little kinks early so making a baby is not only fun, but effective *cheesy 1950s smile* and maybe *swiping thumbs up*.

Cut to the chase you're all begging... 'WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?' Relax, I am getting there.

The main reason I went to this appointment was a sneaking suspicion my Hypothyroidism is acting up, my doctor confirmed my suspicions and sent me on a journey of tests and treatments. I have blood tests, X-rays, Ultrasounds and a breathing test, just for fun. We think the goiter is back and if you've been a long time subscriber you'll know that a goiter is what started this whole mess 2 years ago.

*I just went back and read my original entry to the blogging world and no I didn't explain that I had a goiter or that it started everything. I also didn't explain what a goiter is... Oops. A goiter is a growth (or swelling) in the throat it is typically a result of an underactive thyroid that has swelled in size trying to keep up with the workload. Its treatable, but not curable... much like Hypothyroidism. I think Home Improvement best explained it in 1996... Enjoy!

Back on track... So I have this thing in my throat again and we need to work out what it is, probably another goiter which can be sorted out with an adjustment to my thyroid meds. I also went in for shortness of breath (which is unrelated) and I am scheduled for a breathing test AFTER a chest X-ray... nothing serious, but worth resolving before baby. You can almost hear my biological clock ticking in these words.

Whewf... this post grew into something long and rambly... sorry.

Funnily enough though this appointment forced me to make an appointment at the blood donor clinic... to be a good person --- you know there is more. I asked my doctor for my blood type; with my Dad's recent diagnosis I know he will need blood and he is a rare blood type (O-) I think. I want to know my blood type to make sure I can help. My doctor told me... wait this is better in story telling land.

"My Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and I want to know my blood type to be able to help him." I leaned in waiting for the traditional 'I'm sorry'.

"Then donate blood and they will tell you." He said without looking up from the keyboard.

"I've never donated blood, needles scare me." I added an awkward laugh.

"Its an expensive test and I am not running it for no reason."

"The reason is I want to know."

"Then donate." He smiled and looked at me. "If you're not a match, then where will your Dad get the blood he needs from?" He dramatically pauses.

"From a blood donor clinic" I reluctantly reply.

"Then donate be a good person."

"I am a good person."

"Be a better person." He laughs "I have donated 80 times."

"A better person doesn't brag about his good deeds."

"Donate" And he closed up and walked out.

Hmpf. When did my doctor become such a preacher... granted, he is right, but I just wanted a simple answer to my simple question. So on Thursday (tomorrow) I am taking Richard with me to donate blood. Go me... forced or not its a good deed.

Ok... I'm done. I have a pile of work to do and despite my sore neck I intend on running this afternoon... 32 minutes of straight run and then 6 minutes of intervals... I get tired just typing it.

Oh yea and on the fitness/weight loss front... nothing to report, although I think my scale is broken... not in a Ah-its-going-up-it-must-be-broken kind of way, but a it-made-a-weird-sound-and-wont-read-anymore kind of way. In fact, just this morning I was up 24 pounds... so I think it is broken.

Ok... I am really leaving this time... enjoy Home Improvement... you're on your own for part 2 & 3.


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