Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where are we?

I wrote to you on Wednesday morning... which means you missed my very proud moment. I ran. yes, I do run all the time, but I also make excuses all the time. I would like to believe yesterday warranted a great excuse (stiff neck and blood test... ie. hole in my arm), but I didn't give in to the temptation to skip my workout.. I didn't even give in to my want to shorten or lighten my workout. I did my Week 2, Day 2 run... which is... run for 32 minutes and run 2/walk 1 for 6 minutes. I even did the much hated stretch. Ok. I don't hate stretching... I love stretching. I hate stretching at the gym.

I was also amazed at how 'easy' it was (it is never easy, but it wasn't as hard as it typically is, but that didn't fit beautifully into a sentence, in fact, neither does this. Oh well) I found my groove and kept pace. I felt good. I didn't get bored... I have a lot on my mind lately, most of which is wedding or Christmas... there are a few other ideas floating around in there, but nothing exciting.

As for today (to remain topical) I went to step class... I found it 'easy' as well (see above). Does that mean the class was in fact easier, or am I finally building muscles? I should get my blood tests back today or tomorrow... I know 'no news is good news' but I hope my doctor calls me with the results. I hate when he tells me I am fine, when I am not. I also scheduled all my appointments (which is adding to my busyness) I have a ultrasound for my thyroid on Monday and a breathing test the following Monday. I am going tonight to donate blood and find out my blood type... Dad is AB+ so hopefully we match. Not that we need to yet, but I want to be ready should things require me to be.

Hmmm... What else to discuss... it on the tip of my tongue... oh right, my wedding. Yup, its another monthiversary (can it be a monthiversary (or anniversary) before the event... is it written somewhere an anniversary an only happen after the fact? hmmm.) 7 months today I will be in my dress with my hair done wondering what all the fuss is about as my mother cries about her little girl growing up. I think we're doing really well on the wedding front... a few current conflicts, but I don't feel like caring about them today.

Rambling over.

See you kids tomorrow!


Let's do an advent CARTOON calendar... I don't doodle enough. Enjoy!

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