Monday, December 12, 2011

No Fitness today.

Not yet anyways, but I did do a little breathing exercise... which has to count today.

I met with a breathing specialist today to try and rectify the lack of height in my breath... ie. Shortness of breath (see what I did there?) It starts with a little machine and a spit collector... WAIT it started with a nose plug... **If you were unaware I HATE having my nose touched. In fact, it is the punishment Richard uses to keep me in line with an outreached pincher fingers ... check out the picture, only for you kids. Then the spit collector, to which you wrap your mouth around (I don't have a picture) and after three normal breathes you breath in as deeply as you can and than out as forcefully as you can and HOLD it. My face turned purple and I felt VERY light headed, but apparently I did well. This is to measure the capacity of your lungs. Then she shoot you with asthma meds that open your airwaves. Then you do the test again and they compare. I won't know my results until next week, but the bigger the difference between test one and test two the better.

Interesting fact: Smokers carry extra air in their lungs, so when they do the test on the exhale will ALWAYS be more air. Its this extra air that lingers in your lungs and causes all the trouble.

So my breathing exercises kept me out of the office, which means NO lunch break and NO gym. Sad Tuba

Tomorrow I will run... my first day of week 3. Yay!


Look... Canada's Got Talent, who knew?

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