Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am going to ramble for a minute... you've been warned.

My proper post will come later, AFTER my final gym session of the year... which is hopefully a Step Class, but my lack of attendance has left me wondering about the schedule down there. I brought my book just in case it turns into another day on the elliptical.

On to the ramble... Cleanse.

I am all for these 'cleanse' trends. I do believe the body gathers toxins throughout the year, especially a certain person that has let her diet slip in lieu of the festivities. I do believe we need to help our digestive systems and colons with the overload of work, but sometimes I feel like it is a nasty fad, that does nothing but harm. The reason I am considering the Master Cleanse is a friend (uncle) of mine, whom I trust did it. He isn't one to get caught up in trends, he is in great shape and VERY healthy. He does this cleanse once a year for 10days to restart his system and clear everything out.

Now I am wondering... is it worth it? I typically base my opinion on fad duration... if something is only around for a few months, than it doesn't work... if it did, the business would boom and the product would be available for years to come. I don't typically jump on board right away, let some other schmuck test the waters.

Prime example: (and I don't know how these became my examples, but in my head I revert back to these).

Successful product: ProActive. I have never used it, nor do I know anyone, personally, that has used it YET I believe it works and will be ordering it in the new year. Why? Because it has been around for years.

Failure product: Abtronic. I have also never used this, but after 6months the product and company faded to the background, because you simply can't SHOCK your admoninal muscles into working... no matter how perfect the models in the commercial look. Even if you use it more than the recommended 10 minutes 3 times a week... ha!

This brings me back to the cleanse... I have been hearing about it for years. It doesn't cost anything, so there is no money in promoting it yet people do. So does it work? Will it help clear me out and get me ready for the intense wedding prep that includes... detoxing and personal training? Not sure. But I am going to try it out... for 10 days in January. I promise to blog about it, in fact you can't stop me from sharing the gory details... ha!

Daily ramble over... what do you think? The part I am most grossed out by is the Salt Water Cleanse that most sites insist you do. Ew.

I don't want to endorse any site/treatment... so for details google 'Master Cleanse'.


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