Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blood Type

Let's get interesting... I finally got my donor card in the mail with my blood type on it. I am an exact match to my Dad so even though he doesn't need blood right now, if he ever does I am ready to help.

What blood type am I? AB+. This is the second rarest blood type in the world, with only 2-5% of us having it. It makes me feel very special and I am thrilled that I am the same as Dad. It feels like a little club just for us. I like to be unique and it explains a lot.

"Blood Type AB - Tend to be very charming and popular. They don't sweat the small stuff and can be seen as spiritual and even at times a bit "flaky". Only about 2 - 5% of the population are blood type AB. There is never a dull moment in a AB's life, so if you find one for a friend, consider yourself lucky! You'll enjoy some exciting times together!
Like blood type A's, AB's react to stress poorly. They are stronger and more active than type A's, but need to pay attention to stress levels so that they don't compromise their immunity.
Sometimes it is difficult to be an AB. AB's don't like to fit in anyone else's "boxes". If they feel too confined, they'll break out of that box and do things their own way. When it comes to food choices and AB must discover when they are more B-like or A-like. For example, dairy foods like milk kefir can be excellent for them or not good at all." Sourced

I think I need to do more reading, but I love learning more about me. I have always been amazed by how my body works... and apparently your blood type is the determining factor in a lot of things. In fact, in Japan 90+ percent of people know there blood type and it isn't uncommon to be asked your blood type in an interview or dating scenario.

Richard is A+ I haven't figured out what that means to us, but both of us being '+' means our children will also be positive AND won't have any issues living in my womb. A negative child and a positive mother can clash and cause birthing issues.

That's it... just a quick post to share my new found knowledge. I am going to keep reading, but if you're interested in percentages check out below.

Blood Type and RH
% of Population
O Positive
O Negative
A Positive
A Negative
B Positive
B Negative
AB Positive
AB Negative


  1. I just got my shot for that yesterday! I'm O- and we're unsure of Dima so they have to give me the shot to prevent complications... had it with my miscarriage too! Apparently I get another one AFTER the baby is born too.
    - Em

  2. Which means you could receive any blood type as long as RH is positive. My blood type is A+ (same as my grade for last semester). A long time ago I had my blood type stamped on my left sleeve (in case I will need transfusion)