Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I bought this!

It has NO hooks or loops to break. It has NO under wire to maim. It is SUPER tight and takes away all my feminine curves, which is saying a lot about my C-cup. Let's see if she works.

Side note: Bra shopping SUCKS. Why does everything have to be SO complicated... I tried on 12 bras, before settling on this one, not because it was the best or the most flattering, but because it fit. Now we all know I am NOT a size zero and curves are a part of who I am, but who decided to make bras so ugly?? And even forget about ugly, its going underneath stuff and I am ok with ugly, but what man invented a over the head bra that ALSO needs to be done up?

Get this... it was a super tight, non-flexible material (yes, it was my 'size') and after getting it over my head and the girls secured I had to try and reach behind my back and hook it all up. No other way to do it, Richard offered to help (of course he came bra shopping with me) but I can't ask some stranger at the gym to do me up everyday.

Funnier note... this bra (the one above) is tight. Last night I got trapped in it. I couldn't pull the fabric over my head and I couldn't sneak an arm out. Hmm... why did I buy this again??

I miss the gym. I need the gym. I can't wait to get to the gym and test this out... wish me luck.


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