Friday, December 9, 2011


This will NOT be fitness related. I thought I needed to clear the air on that RIGHT off the bat. Why? I haven't been to the gym yet, but YES I am going today (mental high five).

So why is this NOT a fitness blog? I want to pull back and do something different... a book, a book review. I am so in love with my current book that I want to share with the masses (or the 26 people reading this ;).

For my anniversary (or something) Richard raided my book shelf and took note about what I was missing. He found that I owned everything by my TWO favorite authors (Sophie Kinesella & Lisa Lutz), but that my Janet Evanovich collection was completely scattered and I was missing a few (I had book 10, 13 & 14). He set out to find (and is still hunting) all of the Plum series; (book 18 was just released to give you an idea). He found all of them BUT 17 (which was only in hardcover), 18 (which only just came out, 8 (I don't know) and 12.

Like my book collection I feel like this post is a little scattered... the point, and I am getting there, is I never started the series at the beginning. I first bought 10 Big Ones, while on a cruise in Europe... it had a big flashy cover (I did judge the book by the cover) and the name sounded like it might be dirty (and I like smut). I read the book cover to cover in one night and fell in love with Stephanie Plum the main character and bounty hunter. Then I searched for more books, but came up empty and moved on to other books (I have a HUGE book shelf). Whenever I stumbled across another Evanovich book I bought it on the spot and dove in to it as soon as I got home.

Where is the Book Review? I know... I am getting to it.

I started the series from the beginning in September... I am now on book 5 (High Five) and I am itching to get through it, because book 1 to 4 bumped Evanovich into my top 2 favorite authors (no need to get petty and say who she bumped out). I love crime novels, but I love funny crime novels even more (Lutz focuses on a Private Investigator, but same idea). Evanovich flawlessly writes humor in events that should seem impossible, but never do. Stephanie falls into predictable plot lines that twist and turn so much predictability can't keep up, even when you think you're following along SOMETHING is different and almost always lingering in the background. Stephanie Plum is an out of shape, clumsy brunette that has more luck than she knows what to do with, but as a reader, you fall in love and her imperfections make her endearing... she is a complex character with a crazy family and most people can relate. That's not event he best part... she has two of the sexiest men after her, sexiest because in bookland your personal opinion of sexy is exactly what the characters are. I love Joe Morelli, the bad ass turned good cop. I want Ranger, the mysterious Bounty Hunter. Stephanie, with her insecurities, dances between these two with believable ease. Although tough as nails her softer side is often exposed and as a woman you team up and root for her in every situation. Now I don't want to give the impression the book is mindless fluff... every case involves thinking, every plot keeps you guessing and I have learned more about being a 'ho then I ever knew I would.

I am recommending everyone try these books. They are fun and light, and (here's the fitness) ideal for the gym... its a great story that will distract you on the elliptical, before you know it an hour has passed 700 calories are gone and you're not tired... you want to keep going to see if Stephanie will finally give in to her carnal urges for Morelli (Mmmm... Morelli).

If you're still not sold... below is the movie trailer. Yes, Stephanie Plum is headed to the BIG screen and from what I can tell the movie follows the book to the letter (the best you can hope for).


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