Thursday, December 8, 2011

For the lack of fitness this week... we should all be impressed by the amount of blogging!

Not much to report... I did walk to work today (and subway/GO train... it would be a very long walk), so that counts as exercise, right?

We also did a lot of walking last night... you see we went in search of a dining room table, as I've said before, I am hosting my very first Christmas dinner this year and I don't have somewhere for 8 people to sit comfortably, although it will probably be 6 based on the current family (mother-in-law VS. me) which is fine by me, but still leaves us 2 seats short. Now don't think, that I think throwing money at the problem ( table) is my answer to everything. We do in fact, need a new table and saw a really wicked price on one (5 piece for 399, good deal).

Our current table is, although awesome, a hand me down that is FULL of dents and scratches, the chairs are falling apart and I fear, almost daily, that I will sink through the seat into the deep abyss of nothing. So, with Boxing day flyer's in hand we headed out to find a new  table. First we went to the Brick... we looped the empty parking lot and stared at the dark building, wondering how it could possibly be closed at 5p on a Wednesday.

The open sign wasn't on and no one was moving around inside. We left. Unwilling to accept this fate I called The Brick while on the way to Leons. They answered and told me 'Yes, they were open til 9'. We whipped a 'shitty' (a U-turn) and headed back. Now if any of you have ever been to the Brick you know salesman stalk you and insist you need help even when you politely decline; tonight however, with cash in hand, NO ONE would talk to us. We went to customer service and they sent out a page for help... THREE TIMES before someone came over. The man that arrived was a timid older fellow who seemed completely terrified of interacting with us and trust me we are nice looking people (not as in good looking (although we are*blush*) but as in we look like nice people).

We told him what we were looking for and he wandering away muttering its here. We chased after him and said we couldn't find it (while we wandered again through their dining department). He said it was probably in the scratch and dent section... odd place for a flyer (and online) featured item, but fine. We zigzag through, trying to keep up with zippy.

Upon reaching the Scratch and dent section there is no table... and... better in story.

"Looks like we don't have it." He mumbled unable to make eye contact.

"But its in your flyer." Richard says, pointing to the picture.

"Yes, maybe that is just a floor model."

"And on your website." I chirp in with a smile... albeit an awkward smile.

"Oh well--"

"Can we order one?" I interrupt.

"Would you be comfortable ordering one from another store site on scene?" He trails off as he walks away from us.

Chasing after him and rolling my eyes at Richard I yell...

"Maybe, what does that mean?" He ignores me and continues at an alarming rate considering this age.

We finally give up pursuit and stand their dumb founded. We're not sure whether he is coming back or if he is in fact ordering the set for us. So we find a group of couches and sit. Just to gather our thoughts.

"What's going on?" I say. "We're getting ignored and I might as well be wearing a sign that reads 'I want to spend money on shit I don't need' and still nothing."

"I don't know, babe." He says laughing at me. "Let's get this couch too... its comfy."

"Maybe it isn't for sale. I do see it on the website." I say, scrolling through on my iPhone. Before we can get a giggle out Zippy pops up.

"I don't see it on my service. Maybe it was just a one off. Sorry." And he is gone, before we can get a word out. Interesting Sales tactic... that's why Zippy works on Wednesday and not Saturday. I hope they pay him more than commission, the man is going to starve.

So I click the 'order by phone' button on, while sitting on a couch in the Brick getting completely ignored. And it rings... and rings... and rings. Really? When I am just browsing I am swarmed by annoying salesmen, but the day I go in to buy and no one wants to help me.

I jumped up, off the very comfy couch that I felt like buying, and walked out... almost as quick as Zippy, Richard trailed behind. All the way through the store I am still ignored and finally at the doors I turn back and mumble as loud as I can. 'I guess we'll have to furnish our living room and buy the TV at Leons'. A few reps hanging around the door look up, but no one tries to approach.

At Leons we faced the SAME thing... and left in the same fashion. I even said to Richard 'if ONE person says hello to me I will buy you a 60inch TV'. I said this in front of 3 salesmen in the TV section and still no one even looked up. We left empty handed and went home to our sinky little table and ate crackers and cheese for dinner (yes, I am that healthy).

No gym again today... the class is cancelled, but I am missing it for an afternoon holiday party.


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