Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hmmm... yay!

Its gotta to be quick... I am feeling a little jittery and my co-workers keep asking if I am high, because I asking a lot of questions, missing a lot of jokes and saying random things that don't make sense... I wanted to offer you one for a chuckle, but I've got nothing rattling around in the old noggin'.

I am writing in spite of myself, because I ran today. Maybe I am high on endorphins, maybe I am finally relaxed after weeks of stress, maybe I am tired and maybe, just maybe, I am high. (I'm not high).

I love running. I love being at the gym. I never realize how much I love the gym until I miss it for a few days weeks and things start to catch up with me... my clothes don't fit, I can't sleep, I feel swollen and anxious. I need the gym. I need to feel like I am doing something beyond sitting around letting my ass grow, which although fun is not my favorite thing to do.

Ok so I ran (you probably gathered that from the above paragraph) and I ran in my new sports bra (you saw THAT coming... and if you didn't... 'are you high?'). It was great! Better than I had expected. Typically I like an adjustable sports bra, with extra support i.e. under wire, cups, straps... this one has none of those, it is, however incredibly tight and that works for me. It sandwiches my boobies into nothing and you know what nothing does... nothing! Not a jiggle, not a wiggle, not a flop. No pain, no discomfort just running. It did pull a bit on my shoulders, but it has to pull somewhere and besides the straps are thick and fuzzy so there are no war wounds and I can finally get back to running everyday. Weeeeeeee!

That's it.. home time.


That's my GOLD STAR for writing this post ;)

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