Saturday, December 3, 2011

I can't type.

Look. Its been a LONG day, but I am trying to do this everyday thing... So I drew a picture (On the home computer, which is a laptop and only has a finger-pad mouse thingy and I don't like it)... Its bad. Its stupid... I am stupid... I am also on a weird, always distracted, self induced ramble... I have had to re read this question 100x and still i don't know where my point keeps venturing off too, sometimes I think it is right there, within site and then I think about candy canes, because it is Christmas only I really want to eat them because Richard made me get cherry Candy Canes, which although being the right colour they don't taste right. They taste good... Mmm... I am now eating it and its good. Why did we start talking ABOUT candy canes? I am also watching a movie and getting further into my pit of what-was-i-talking-about-ness. Its dark. Although I have the tree on... remember the above tree with Candy Canes. I think I need another Candy cane... Mmm...

fitness. its good... I walked a lot today, but I had MAD munchies so it doesn't count and tomorrow I have to go tot he gym... hmpf ( this is my new favorite word, because Richard admitted every time I type it in a text he laughs... I like that.) run tomorrow. Yup.. there is the fitness... I will reread and edit this tomorrow.

Below is the picture I started off discussing.

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