Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another NO fitness day.

First go here for the GOOD and BAD news of the day... Are you all up to speed? Good, no need to repeat myself. So let's talk only about fitness... I went to the gym today, first time in a while. I had all the time in the world, as I am all caught up for the season (we're good through January 3rd). I went downstairs I signed in, I picked a locker, I unpacked my bag (happy to find ALL necessary items) and I got naked. At this naked point I realized the problem...

My expensive bra, had failed me (bras ALWAYS fail me). Not only we're TWO loops missing (not depicted in picture), but ALL THREE hooks we're no where to be found. Now even a man (not because of their lack of intelligence, but because they don't wear bras, I am generalizing here, but bare (bear?) with me) could work this out. I had no way of closing this bra and a bra left open is of NO use to this big breasted woman.

I need to go buy a bra. I hate buying bras.

I wanted to run, I promise. This is not an excuse... it would hurt more than it would help to run with no bra.


Ps... and only for your enjoyment. I work as a creative writer and asked my fellow writers for Christmas-ish things. At first they gave me a list of trees (spruce, pine, douglas fir etc.) They then opted for pop culture references including Billy-Bob Thornton (?) and Macaulay Culkin. I decided to use the Home Alone reference, but while I was searching for a picture someone asked 'Where do reindeer poop go?' This became a heated debate before we all agreed, reindeer poop dissolves into wishes... brown smelly wishes. Happy Holidays!

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