Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What I plan to do (and not do) in 2012.

This is my list of resolution-ish stuff.

I plan to... 
-Get married!
-Run 3 times a week
-Detox (for at least 6weeks)
-Make a baby *fingers crossed*
-Lose 15lbs
-Spend more time with my Dad
-Eat Healthy
-Go to Hot Yoga weekly
-Mend broken relationships
-Start drinking protein shakes every morning (and getting Richard to do this as well)
-Clear out ALL the junk from my cupboards
-Do the walk for the cure
-Paint my living room
-Finish my backyard
-Get my dental implant
-Cook 6 dinners a week (every week)

I plan not to...
-Eat ANY fast food
-Go on Facebook for the entire month of February.
-Fight with family (in-laws included)
-Eat chocolate for the month of January
-Make excuses
-Be fat at my wedding
-Bite my nails
-Include hurtful people in my life.

I am going to attempt to make this a permanent list on my blog to remind me EVERYday of the goals I want to accomplish. I want 2012 to be a year full of success and happiness. I want to give up all the nasty habits I hate about myself. I want to find that inner peace my yogi talks about and I want to fill my life with love and understanding. I know that sounds very 'granola' but its honest. I will keep the list on my blog and update everything I do (and don't do) this year. Hopefully my list for 2013 will have a completely different range of goals, I hate having the same goal every year unless it is achieved... 2010 lose 25 pounds (done!) 2011 lose 25 pounds (done!), those goals I don't mind. 

So there it is... I am hating myself right now and will up until January 1st. I always throw the rules out the window over the holidays, granted this year I kept up with everything right up until this week, which shows I am maturing (go me). I feel bloated and uncomfortable. I skipped my run yesterday and had candy for breakfast... yum and ew.

Alright... no gym again today, but if the weather holds I might go to for a run, to dinner with Dave and Cassy. Plans change. Oops. 


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  1. Sounds like a great 2012 list!! I am in love with Moksha (right by you!!) so if I go I'll call you and we can make each other go together.