Monday, December 19, 2011

To Emily.

It's early Monday morning and my ears are still ringing from the weekend. What I do remember, in my drunken haze, is getting to see my very favorite pregnant friend, (who is completely glowing and adorable). I am sure I bombarded her with silly questions about what its like to be pregnant... as anyone reading this blog knows I am dying to be. I love the idea of babies and I love the idea of pregnancy (yes, I see it through rose coloured glasses, but I want 4 kids so I have to optimistic about it). To the point... Emily told me she reads my blog (Hi!) and I squealed like a little kid asking what she liked most, only later remember all the intimate details I post on these walls... *blush*

She passed along her love of blogs and I went into a ramble about all the other blogs she should check out, which brings me to this post... a post of all my favorite blogs. The ones that keep me busy on a slow afternoon, the ones that make me laugh, contemplate life and feel a little more normal.

So as an early Christmas present here is my life of fun for you...

Post Secrets... its a collection of anonymous postcards that have made it on to the Internet. It has become a movement of epic portions and every Sunday they post new ones. It makes me feel less strange and every time I read it I wonder what my big secret is.

Cake Wrecks... it is just what it sounds like, but the commentary is brilliant. When Richard asked if I was nervous about our wedding cake I said 'No, it will turn out awesome or I will get to be on CakeWrecks.'

Epbot... by the same author of Cake Wrecks and still hilarious. Its all about random geekery and crafts. I love it.

Sleep Talkin' Man... this is a fairly new blog to my list, but its a snort-out-loud kind of funny and it comes in quick little posts, so anytime is the right time. The blog is written by the wife of a British man who talks in his sleep. She posts the audio and typically an explanation, which is equally as funny as the sleepy ramblings.

Animals Being Dicks... its very little writing, but has some of the funniest jif's you'll ever see. Scroll through and look for the one with the bear cub and the lion cub (ha!)

The Bloggess... She is awesome. If you follow no other links please follow this one. The blog is written by a slightly off mother of one. She is into taxidermy and does weird things in everyday life that come across as normal when she blogs about them. On a particularly slow day I read 22 pages of her blog without once feeling bored or sad.

Alpha Mom... This is a guilty pleasure, because I swear I AM NOT PREGNANT, but again I spent hours reading this blog and I didn't even make it out of the pregnancy calendar.

Oilcan Racer... Another random blog full of weirdness. I haven't read it in a few weeks, but I found a lot of my A-list material and videos from this man.

I feel like there are more, but for today that's enough. Enjoy! I would love your feedback or any other blogs that you think I might enjoy.


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  1. If your read Alpha Mom you should totally read Amalah and you'll also enjoy Linda at Sundry (she is also into fitness!)