Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Maybe that was a preemptive 'woot' I have nothing to celebrate, but I feel better today... its been a stressful week and I didn't think it would resolve so quickly, but it has and I feel 10pounds lighter.

On the fitness front it will be another day of no gym... I know you're angry and so am I. I hear what you're saying, its pathetic and weak. I know, but - and hear me out - its to go and try on my wedding dress. I have a fitting this afternoon, which has taken over my 'gym time'. I would plan to run today, but it is snowing and I have my limits... maybe I will be feeling strong this evening, but let's not hold our breath.

How did the ultrasound go? Weirdly uncomfortable and thought provoking. I had a scan of my thyroid, because I believe it is not working any more, much like when I was first diagnosed. I am more concerned now based on the technicians concern and inability to tell me anything... I think she told me to follow up on Monday 7 or 8 times... and every time she stressed the importance. Could be nothing, but doesn't feel like nothing. We'll see.

Ok... more work to do.

Wish me luck with my dress.


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