Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally a runner!

445 posts... that what it took for me to FINALLY draw a runner.

Why? Because I AM a runner.

The entire drive home I dreaded the run and even made excuses... I have a headache, its cold, it might rain etc. BUT I made a commitment to myself and I wasn't about to blow it in WEEK TWO.

So last night when I got home I laced up and hit the pavement. Once I was out there it felt better and its only 30minutes; an easy 5k. Whewf.

What I have noticed about my running...

-I run ont he outside edge of my foot and trying to correct that makes me run funny.
-I ALWAYS wear my sunglasses, even when it is past dusk. I feel safer when no one can see the struggle in my eyes.
-I wear mittens to keep my hands warm.
-I compete most with myself, even when it burns (I ran and extra .10km last night)
-Running clears my head and makes me forget what I am angry or upset about.
-I like passing other runners with a wave, like I am a part of a club.
-My shoulders ache LONG before my knees do.
-I dread 50 push-ups MORE then my runs.
-I wonder if my ponytail adds momentum... or drag...
-I long for a running partner.
-Righteous Smoke is a wicked running song and I prefer rock to pop to keep pace.
-Seeing my progress on Nike+ makes it all worth it.

So I ran.

That's it for today.


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