Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's a worthy post.

I haven't done anything interesting in the world of fitness lately, in fact my gym life has been down right boring, but its all for a great cause that I can't discuss yet.

Today however, I got roped in to my first Zumba class.

It made me want to be better. A better dancer. A better person. A better woman.

That class is sexy... if you can swing your hips to the music. I can not.

My instructor was gorgeous and she could swing her hips... I was mesmerized and embarrassed to be watching her caboose so closely, but that's where the movement was... the movement I was attempting to mimic; attempting and failing.

It's not that bad I wasn't at the front of the... oh wait YES. I. WAS. I let Anna (the person that roped me in) pick our spots and BAM right in the middle... I might as well have been dancing WITH our instructor.

How embarrassing!

But I was IN IT. I shook, shimmied and wiggled my way through the class... I laughed and lost my place A LOT.

I am very sweaty and a little sore.


I may or may not become a Zumba girl... I like trying new things, which is what this new routine promotes, but I miss my GO TO classes... step, spin and running.


PS - I know I should really illustrate this class, but I can't... it was THAT BAD.

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