Monday, October 22, 2012

I got new shoes!

This happens once a year.

Once a year I venture in to the 'all too intimidating' sports store and wander over to the ginormous wall of shoes.

Normally I am greeted by an over educated athlete, that knows EVERYTHING about shoes. Normally, I am over whelmed by their perception and knowledge about what I always though was so basic (its shoes, you lace them up and go).

Not this time.

In his defense I have now been running for 4 years. I understand my stride and cadence. I know my limits and have more realistic expectations. I know I only run outside. I know I run about 5k per run and that I run 4 times a week. I know I run on the outside of my foot and have weak knees (most of which I learned from the sports store experts).

The bottom line... you can't BS me (unless you are in fact a Sports Store expert).

Now 'Sam' (name changed for his protection) was very eager to help, just not well informed.

He seemed to put a lot of weight behind 'water proof' shoes for indoor running.

He also made up stories of murderous sticks that might in fact rip the netting on my shoes while running outside... netting that the waterproof shoes don't suffer from.

The waterproof shoes were only for indoor running as their soles would probably wear out quickly.

Sam considered grey a flashy colour.

Sam didn't have a clue, but he was nice about it. His real fault was the hovering... he would bring me a shoe and then stand within my personal bubble while I tried on the shoe.

At one point he seemed to get excited about PHF, but couldn't tell me what that meant. He also mocked my Puma's, because 'they are just for people who want to say 'look I have money and style, but don't work out.' (please note HE was wearing Puma's)

I love my Puma's.

I did something funny with my running choice (it was buy one get one free... Puma's were free... who's bragging about having money now?)... I left Nike *moment of silence* I never thought the day would come. I am NOT an athlete. I don't need fancy shoes. I buy shoes that 'look cool' and are 'socially acceptable'. It helps if feel good, but that is not why I buy shoes. I love Nike. I love Nike+.

But today I will run in Asics.... apparently they are the best for running. We shall see. I even got a fancy doo dad for my Nike+ Sensor, because I can't leave completely.

Also Nike shoes we're all grey and boring to look at. I want FLASHY.  I got flashy. I can't wait to get going, but alas I have  to wait until I get home today.

Ok... I got lost in that doodle.

Something like this...

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