Friday, October 19, 2012

So Far...

It's been an interesting week... and by interesting I mean: I hate my body and it's not doing what I want this week.

First... sniffles. They snuck up on me and BAM! they had a hold on my nose and I couldn't breath.

Second... Knees. They didn't WANT to run this and when I gave them NO choice they slowed, creaked and gouged my inner soul for the duration of EACH run.

Third... this.

It's a KINK... and not the fun 'tie me up' kind, but the lousy 'I slept funny and everyone hates me' kind. I would roll my eyes, but even THAT hurts!

It's a capital kind of day... funny that I have NO urge to capitalize the word 'capital'.

Now I am looking at everyone sideways and it's making me dizzy. Hmpf.

As for my workouts, I got in EVERYTHING except Yoga (the irony is NOT lost on me) and I only missed Yoga, because the class was cancelled. I was going to make it up today, but then I woke up (at 4a) crooked.

Yesterday I crammed everything into my lunch break, because it looked like rain and I knew I would be feeling lazy come 5pm (which turned out to be 5:30 by the time I got through traffic. Commuting. Is. The. Worst.) and I was right, but that aside I crammed a 30minute elliptical (yes, it should have been 45, but time was a factor), a 25minute run (don't be a stickler) and a '50' work out.

That all meant I could lounge and relax my way through Thursday night TV... but because my body wasn't done being an asshole, even that was tarnished by uncontrollable tears... why? I have NO idea... I think its mainly because I am a girl and girls cry for NO reason.

Anyways... its FRIDAY and my husband will finally be home (or not, he might be busy with friends tonight... #notbitter). I just want to go home and nap this kink away, before hitting the town with my guy.

Whewf... how random can ONE post be.


PS - I need a drink... a stiff drink or something delicious...

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