Friday, October 12, 2012

What I'm doing to make a difference...

... not in the world, but within myself.

I altered my routine because I got lazy, I made excuses and I thought I was helping (Dr. recommended dropping heavy cardio from my routine while TTC). All it did was strengthen the habits I have been trying to correct.

So, as expected, I gained weight and felt depressed. I had taken away the thing that kept me strong. The intensity of building a work out around sweat, the joy of running my self to the point of exhaustion. And I didn't end up pregnant at all... so why waste my time being miserable with a routine I hate?

If I am meant to be a mother I will be... if I am not meant to carry a child I won't. I can't dance around waiting for things to happen. I need cardio and strength training WITH diet restrictions.... one doesn't work without the other.

What the above ramble is getting to is... DUN DUN DUN my new routine! Weeeee!

I am doing my best to keep all the activities LOW impact (I am not going to completely dismiss doctors orders, I am just not going to take them so literal).

I was going to type out a weekly schedule MONDAYS: this, TUESDAY: that... BUT that NEVER works, because life gets in the way. What I am going to do is below...

1 - Yoga Class
1 - Zumba Class
3 - Run: 30minute  (outdoors)
2 - Elliptical: 45minute
3 - '50' workouts**

1 - Yoga Class
1 - Run: 30minutes
1 - '50' workout

Which isn't as much as it seems and will keep my body guessing... PLUS its fun. I like it and I am capable of doing it... now and when(if) the stork swings by.

The only additional cost is the weekend Yoga class at $15 a class.

I run in the evenings AS SOON AS I get home... which is PRIME snacking time, but by the time I get back from the run do a '50' workout and shower its past snack time and into dinner time.

The weekday Yoga, Zumba and Elliptical I will do on my lunch hour... the same way I have been attending classes for the last TWO years.

The only concern is the weekend workouts... I love spending time with my DH and I only see him on weekends (he refuses to run or do yoga).

I started this week and all I missed was an elliptical workout, because thanksgiving was Monday... I need something to distract me from the baby making and a new work out is just that PLUS I can start tracking my weight and inches again, which died after the wedding, when I started to enjoy my life again.

Summer is over and it is time to get back in to it. I am hoping to drop 20lbs by my birthday unless the stork appears... (I really do have BABY

So what is a '50' workout??? It has nothing to do with 50 shades (is that still topical?? Am I outdated?)


50 Push ups
50 Lunges
50 Squats
50 Crunches
50 second plank
REPEAT (kidding, I can't 'repeat' yet)

So far I have done it after my run; when I am good and sweaty. It seems to be working and 50 is enough of a challenge I am pushing myself, but not too much that I am hurting myself.

I think every two weeks I will add 10. I am working towards 100, but that will take a bit of time.

And it leaves me breathless and sore the next day... I love that feeling. I love the burn... it makes it feel real, which is hasn't felt in a long time.

I want to get back into shape... the shape I was when I had more good days than bad.

And luckily for you that means MORE blog posts. Yipee!


PS - I will add a widget on the side for Nike +, my running app. NOPE doesn't work... and no picture, because I just created an account at Nike+ online and its AWESOME!

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