Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How do you sit?

... not the step by step to sitting, (could you imagine? Step One: Locate proposed seating vessel. Step Two: Determine if vessel is currently in use. Step Three: Bend knees, extend rear-end and lower. Step Four: Adjust pants, shirt and seating vessel. Step Five: You are sitting.), but what position do you sit in?

I can't find a good one.

Weird, right?

I don't have a natural seated position. I don't have a simple go to that is relaxing, comfortable and done without much thinking (I literally over think everything, apparently).

My posture has always been an issue within myself. I hate that I slouch and I fear one day my back will curve, because of all my years of slouching and a flat back is sexy. Shoulders back, long neck... it's slimming, even if it is only an optical illusion.

So, how do you sit?

I spend all day trying to get comfy, because I am at a screen for 7 hours. I can't simple lean back, because I can't reach my key board, I can't slouch, because my muscles ache. I can't sit up right, because that is exhausting and I think I spend WAY TOO MUCH time thinking about sitting.

I have asked for a standing desk, but who knows how long that would last. I have looked into a stability ball for core work and better posture, but they haven't worked into my budget.

AND I can't tell if my muscles ache because of my poor posture or because I got my ass handed to be in yesterday's boot camp.

How do you sit?

And is it my boobs? Are they yanking on my shoulders, forcing them to droop with pulls my back into an arc?

So... let's sit up.

Everyone straighten your back, roll your shoulders back and place both feet flat on the floor and see how long you can hold it. I have fidgeted dozens of time, during the compilation of that idea and I am still not comfortable or relaxed.


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