Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The progression of thoughts during Spin Class.

Look I am doing it. I'll work off that donut in no time. I'll just turn up the tension. Are we going to start? I'm using all my 'good' energy waiting for the teacher. This isn't so bad. Wow, my bum hurts. Not even my muscles, but I think I bruised my inner bum. Maybe if I sit back on the seat. That's not so bad. Did my knee just pop? Oh, that doesn't feel good. Knees in. That's OK, I guess. Oh here we go. Are my feet in the right place? Gah, my bike is whistling. I love this song 'the ceiling can't hold us', the ceiling can't hold ME. I am queen of the spin. Whewf, glad I didn't wear shorts. Go. Go. Go. I can go faster. What is that smell? Fast flat. I am going so fast -- oh. How is she going that fast? She didn't turn up her tension. My boob is sweating, that's a good sign. What IS that smell? Sprint? I thought we were sprinting. Come on! It burns. When is the fan going to turn to me? Geez, my instructor moans a lot. Should I throw her a 'woo!'? Are we still sprinting? Turn it up, half turn, Ha, I will turn it up FULL turn. Nope. Half turn is good. This is ok. I can -- turn it up? Again? I think a quarter is fine. What is that smell? I wonder what song this is? Down, down, down. Find the beat. Bum Bum Bum. I'm on it. I look like a pro. No one can tell my legs are burning. Put your phone down. You're not even sweating. How are you going so fast? I think I smell. Cheater. Another sprint? Where is that fan? Oh, she is calling someone out! Wait -- is she talking about me? How is my form? I DID turn it up, Kerry! Stop, judging me. Am I not on beat? Another hill? Can I stand up? So. Much. Weight. I wonder if I could lead a class. I would have a killer play list. Wait - what? Sit? I just got up? I can't turn it up anymore. I am all out of 'turn up'. Tell some of these slackers to turn it up. Hmpf. She's moaning again. Knees in. Weight off my wrists. Back flat. Oh no, I smell. Can't breath deeper. I can't 'find my breath', I left it back on that last sprint. My lungs burn. Am I getting sick? Is it cold in here? Where is that fan? Oh, last song.  I can't believe we're slowing down. Woo. That was easy. Can anyone tell I am dying? My legs are wobbly? Hold the stretch. Let the dizziness fade, I worked SO hard. I could teach this class. Note: Bring deodorant to next class. Mmm... I need a donut. I've earned it.

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  1. OMG, AMAZING! Love this post! and great job girl! You could totally teach that class :) but defiantly remember your deodorant lol.