Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's late I know, but when am I ever on time with my posts??

I had an interesting (and motivating) weekend. I made a sad realization I am addicted to food. I understand how drug addicts feel, because even as I am consuming the bad foods in mass quantities I can't stop. I tell myself to stop, think of the consequences, but still I eat, because I love eating. I love food. I did break down and tell Richard how I was feeling... he joked at first, because granted it sounds funny... but its not. It scares me. I fear I will never get a handle on my weight. I won't look good on my wedding day and I won't be able to prance about the beaches of St. Lucia on my honeymoon (yes, we picked our honeymoon... stay tuned for details ;) It all makes me sad and uncomfortable.

Now the positive... I work well with motivation. I am going to St. Lucia in 263 days. I will be staying at a 5 star resort on the beach. I need to be in bikini shape. I have 263 days to lose 30 pounds... which seems very possible if I start now. I put a picture of St. Lucia up on the fridge to remind me every time I want to indulge. So far so good... although I started this last night. Ha!

The interesting part of it all, even with TWO turkey dinners, I didn't gain anything this weekend and the only thing I did different was NOT take my vitamins. I am not sure why stopping all my pills worked, but it did. I only took my prescribed thyroid meds and I feel good. Which is completely backwards. So I am experimenting with no pills this week. We'll see what Friday gives us.

I also thought it best to go back to the basics... in the beginning (the start of this blog) I lost 30 pounds all by myself (and the Loseit! app). I did it by watching what I was eating and working out regularly. Lately I have been caught up in these 'fad' ish diets prescribed by my Naturopath, whom I love and trust. I just don't see them as lifestyle plans. I see them as restriction and find it easy to cheat. So, I decided to take all I have learned over the last 8 months (bad foods and portion control) and use it with the knowledge gained from my first success.

So this week I re-started my running schedule (my first love) and re-started my Loseit! entries. I feel good about this decision and during yesterday's run I felt good. I love running. I am on a 8 week schedule to 10km. I started on week 3 which is 3 minute intervals. I will run 3 times a week as well as keep to spinning, step and kickboxing. It's back to the basics and I love it.

I feel like this post rambled alot... sorry.

I have a lot going on in my head and needed to get it all out.

Let's start with the basics... and that includes daily blogs (with pictures).


Pounds to Lose: 32

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