Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello Blog.

Hello Melanie. I was beginning to worry about you. This week hasn't been your strongest on blogging. Is everything ok? Did you hit your targets and get the gym 5 times? I am counting on you to entertain me this go around. I also have to live vicariously through you because I am, but a simple blog, I don't have arms, legs or even a beating heart, but I love you and I want you to succeed.

I am here for you in all moods. Vent to me (which you seem to be great at lately). Celebrate with me (which hasn't happen for a while). And cry to me. I am always willing to listen.

I have to tell you... as much as my heart belongs to you, I am used by people all over the world... ok I am used my a handful of individuals from North America, but you get the idea. I am responsible for them... I need up to date advice. I need blogs that are witty and heart felt. I need to entertain them as you entertain me.

Please don't leave me hanging again. I miss you and your funny words of your daily struggles. I promise I am not laughing at you, but with you... always with you.

Have a good weekend. Stay Strong. Be Good.


A Fitness-esque Blog... Xx

PS - I heard through another blogs friends' sister that you did awesome today at Boot Camp. Congrats! And those new pants... looks great. What I am trying to say is.... Nice Ass.

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