Thursday, October 13, 2011

You know what I hate...

... over dramatic, bitter, fat people. Now I know that might alienate a few readers, but hear me out. I am a fat person and I get being bitter about life, but sometimes the negativity that oozes from the pores of other Loseit! members gets to me.

I get that you have had a hard life... probably suffering from low self-esteem and maybe even bullying. I know I did and still do, but to shit all over everyone at every corner doesn't help anyone.

I know we have to work twice as hard as naturally skinny people and we have to shop in different stores and pay more money... I know everything is harder and more complicated, because of the extra pounds... I GET IT!

I understand that companies prey on the overweight with miracle weight loss drugs and over night pop up businesses, but being close minded about the ever evolving world of health isn't going to get you anywhere... and raining on my parade, because I am trying new things isn't going to magically make the scale plummet.

I just feel like everything you say on the forum is met with bitter, skepticism that usually rears it head as 'helpful advice'.

I feel like everyone is so quick to condemn, that is it easier to avoid the forum and the negativity all together.

I posted yesterday asking for opinions/advice... granted I open the door to feedback, but I expected help... instead I got bitter words about the absurdity of working with a Naturopath. My comment was about vitamins... I had only mentioned my Naturopath to imply I wasn't randomly popping vitamins because of something I read online, but that a skilled professional had advised me to ingest these with distinct reason. The main reply was go to a 'real doctor'... I get that a close minded person would assume a real doctor has all the answer, but my 'real' doctor didn't diagnose my hypothyroidism, or my gluten intolerance... he didn't realize I had a vitamin B deficiency and that is why I was always tired. He didn't help me lose weight or help me with migraines. He didn't even help me with the blood clot I had 3 years ago... if left to my doctor (who is great, but barely has 10minutes to spend with me every 6 months) I would still be over weight, suffering through a weaken thyroid or maybe even dead from a ruptured blood clot... who knows.

Now in an open forum you can't openly vent... people are defensive (as I am being), but I needed to get it out somewhere. I am so upset that such and amazing app that has so positively impacting so many lives has become so negative.

That's it... rant over.


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