Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just got home...

... literally I am still in my sweaty hot yoga clothes.
I need to write. I need to capture how I am feeling right now. I just did an hour of Yang Yin, it ended with a Thai massage and I walked out in a haze. I actually had to sit in my minute and re-join reality. The class was small and lead my Jade, who is very hands on and incredibly intuitive. She guides you through class easily.

I feel refreshed and at ease. It's a surreal feeling... I just feel peaceful. My muscles don't ache, my head isn't pounding. I am not stressed, sad or depressed. I am ok.

In this euphoria is amazing what emotions jump forward. I am happy, but not ecstatic. I want to listen to thought provoking music. I want to sit in silence. Nothing about me wants to get up and move, but not in a lazy way. Its really hard to explain.

I am deep in thought... lots of thoughts. Everything jumps forward, but nothing seems overwhelming... my wedding... my bills... my friends... my past friends... my Dad... my health... my future. I am thinking about all of it, with out an anxiety which for the record NEVER happens.

I thought about coming home and going for a run. I thought about my running schedule that did not get met this week, but I thought my body deserves a break and today I will rest, no junk, no booze, no over exertion... just a day to rebuild and regenerate.

Although I do have BIG plans tonight... We will see how I feel tonight.

Love... and Bliss.


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