Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Day Back!

And I am doing good. I forgot my *crackers, which means no morning snack, but I'm good. I even made it down to the gym for a spin class. Actually I can't take all the motivational credit on that one... **Tim dragged me down to the gym. I am glad I went. I am glad I went with him, because I wouldn't have followed through if he hadn't challenged me. Today is Tuesday. Tuesday means Kerry is teaching and although I hate spin. I love Kerry, but Kerry wasn't here (or there) today. ***Ron was there. I tried to run in the other direction (on the treadmill of course), but Tim caught me and threw me on the bike. 45 minutes later and I am bored, his music is NOT spin worthy, but sweaty.

I feel good about myself and making it back to the gym... it did spark the gym-fiend inside of me and I can't wait for my next work out... which is a great segue into, tonight is my FIRST at home Nike Fit Club workout. Thanks to my new iPhone.

Look how fancy it looks.
This is a screen shot of tonight's work out.

Its an app I have used before, but lost because my old phone wasn't up to date enough to run the updated app. Any who... I have decided that every night after work I am going to take 60minutes for me, before I fall into the housewife roll of ****making dinner and prepping lunches. 60minutes will give me 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of relaxing... stretching, showering, lounging etc.

I think it is a great way to work on my muscle tone and keep my sanity.

Tonight should be interesting too... I will be home later than normal tonight. I have a Doctors appointment this afternoon. A he-needs-to-see-you-ASAP kind of doctors appointment. I am a little nervous, but at least we can a reason for all that ails me and hopefully it is something easy to fix. Cross your fingers for me... this thing in my neck is growing quickly and I want it resolved.

Ok... I am also in charge this week at work so I am a little overwhelmed with everything.

That being said... I have to run.


Pounds to Lose: *****26 pounds

*They are plain brown rice crackers... no yummy buttery toppables for me.
** Pro-Spinning co-worker in amazing shape for a 58 year old.
*** The substitute teacher with bad music and even worse hair.
**** PS. I love to cook, this is not a chore, remember I am a Foodie
***** I know! What the hell happen?!

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