Friday, January 6, 2012

Water Tip

So I have a water app. It's a simple app where you track your water intake. I know. So simple, but so affective. Most people don't drink enough water in a day and now that I am aware of my intake I know the symptoms of dehydration. I love water and, other than tea (and wine) its all I drink now.

So I recommend the app... search 'water' in the app store and the app is called 'water'. Its all so simple.

This very simple water app also has 'Water Tips'... most of them are things you already know about water, how much is in the body, how much is in the world, scientific facts too. The one I am excited to share is...

"After a day of proper hydration, allowing a few grains of salt to melt on your tongue will put you into a deep natural sleep"

I have been doing this all week.. and HOLY BANANAS, its true. I have never sleep as well as I have this past week. I don't wake in the night (which had become common in the last 2 months) and I feel so rested in the morning. I don't have dreams (or nightmares)... that I remember, which was always another annoyance of sleeping.

So my weekend tip is to try it, I don't know what happens if you do it with out proper hydration... if you try it let me know if it worked for you to.


I missed yesterday, because work was just a little too much. I did however make it to the gym. I made it to Assata's step class and I loved it. My legs are sore and I lost another pound. I wish she had a step class everyday... i would gladly attend.

Although this class did arouse a pet peeve that seems to have become a regular thing in this class. A brief background: Sign up for the noon class starts at 11:45a. If you don't make it on the list, you don't make it into class. There isn't enough room or enough equipment. The spots are numbered (on the floor) and you build your step on a number. That gives everyone enough room and prevents over crowding. When this happens its great, especially in a class that involves a lot of BIG movements and floor space. Enter Pet Peeve... a girl (the same one every week) shows up late, doesn't sign in and stand on the side (right beside me) and does the work out without equipment. Normally I wouldn't care, but she is not humble about it. She is rude and scowls at everyone who showed up on time, and may not be in the shape she is, but are trying very hard. In short she is a bitch.

I don't know how to rectify this... I don't want to be the squeaky wheel, but it does affect my workout when I have to shorten my movements or watch out for her flying high kick. The frustrating part is even more that the instructors make a point to discuss this at the start of every class... that 'bitch' misses. Hmpf!

Ok... rant over. Try the water thing... and have a great weekend.


Pounds to Lose: 22

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