Thursday, January 12, 2012

I found a minute.

I found a minute to write. yay! Let's all rejoice in my brief moment of sanity. I have been trying to keep up at work and at the gym, honestly it is more work than I remember trying to get to the gym every day. I think I am doing good. Yesterday was day 7, for January and its only the 12th. My New Years resolution is fully in tact and I am proud of myself.

Yesterday I was exhausted. I didn't do my Nike Training Club in the evening... I just ran out of steam. I did make it to the gym at lunch and after 30 minutes on the elliptical I ran on sprinted on the treadmill. I am trying to take all I have learned over the last 2 years and use it. I am trying to remember when I felt my best and what I was doing. It always comes back to running, but I find running indoors so boring. Once the weather co-operates I will hit the pavement and run every morning (yes, I will). I am great with goals and deadlines... give me a reason to work and I will. If give the chance to slack i will also do that. The wedding (more the honeymoon) is my deadline right now. I want to lose another 20lbs (yes I lost another 2 if you're keeping track ;). I want to be the smallest, fittest and healthiest as I start my new existence as a wife.

I feel like this random, barely strung together post needs a list. A list of what... 'things I've learned'... no. 'Things I want to do'... no. 'Things I hate'... no (I am not angry enough). 'Things I love'... sort of -- maybe -- yes.

100  30 40 Little Things That I make me happy (I love being happy so its a list of 'love')

1. Being second in line for the bathroom in the morning, because then the water is already warm to wash my face.
2. When my hair co-operates.
3. Perfect tea, not scolding, but not cold... that small window of perfect tea.
4. Realizing how well I know myself.
5. A random text from a lost friend that just says 'Muah'.
6. A good stretch.
7. A cuddly evening when Richard can't get enough hugs.
8. A real natural laugh.
9. Getting lost in a moment.
10. Crayons.
11. Remembering I am important to people.
12. An "I love you" from my Dad, who has only said it twice.
13. When my inbox is empty.
14. The sound of my phone with a new message. Some one is thinking of me.
15. Feeling good about my life.
16. Past loves find success.
17. People reading my blog, (and commenting *wink wink*)
18. Showing up in people's facebook profile picture.
19. Making my own decisions.
20. Walking behind a sweet smelling stranger.
21. The smell of dryer sheets on clean clothes.
22. Post-it notes
23. Finding a resolution.
24. Solving a surprise (this drives EVERYone crazy, but I hate surprises and I love playing detective).
25. Being asked for help.
26. Being able to revise my own lists when they are too long.
27. Lip Gloss.
28. Knowing music history and surprising people with it.
29. Reading and getting lost in a good story.
30. When my flowers bloom, or come back from the dead.
31. A good pun.
32. Being able to make multiple revisions when I have more ideas.
33. Lime green table clothes.
34. Magnets.
35. Blogs.
36. When the scale plummets, no matter how many times I weigh in.
37. Richard talking about babies.
38. When the kettle is already boiling and I don't have to weight.
39. Being called 'cute'.
40. Making lists.

Ok. Make a list... think about all the little things in a day that make you smile or warm your heart. It is a HUGE stress reliever, it makes a crazy day seems bearable and it will make you smile. If it doesn't grab a box of crayons, put on some lip gloss and stretch. I dare you not to smile.

This post has been all over the place... I thought you deserved a post, but I am sorry its not more concise. In the realm of fitness I am hoping to go to step class today, but a long meeting might prevent that (and I will cry). Wish me luck.


Pounds to Lose: 20

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