Friday, January 13, 2012

Relavance is key here.

So... I have been at this game for 3 years. Through those years I have tracked my weightloss in every way possible for the most motivation. When I didn't lose pounds (and I was really trying) I could see loss in inches or body fat percentage. I have never (on this blog) posted my complete results from the beginning. If you're a long time reader you know how scared I am to reveal my actual weight (I haven't decided if I will share it yet).

**Sometimes it is hard to be organized and I delete things. I am mad right now that I deleted my 2010 note, which contained all my 2010 (ie. starting) numbers. Hmpf. Richard is working on retrieving it, but its a challenge. Sorry!
***When he is done being cranky he said he would help me.

As you can witness I am going in the right direction. Yes I lose more through the year, but I always gain a little near the end. I am ok with that because I am human. I indulge when I need too (read: want too). The best part of tracking annually is no matter how crummy you feel it all feels better when you look at the big picture... a hard task, when you caught up on a .5lbs gain.

Another interesting revelation today... I am happy to be 204, even proud of myself. Now that is up 6 pounds from my lowest weight, but I am still had to see the scale declining again. The first time I hit 204 (in early 2011) I celebrated my loss, the second time I hit 204 (in late 2011) I cried a little at my failure, and the third time I'm celebrating. I always find it interesting how the same number can be interpreted in so many ways. I like numbers a lot more on the weigh down, but didn't think I would celebrate them the third time around. I also wonder if any of that rambling made sense.

I am thrilled to have lost 9 inches from last year (even more from 2010 if I could find it!),  29 inches overall and 9% body fat (from 2011-12, because I didn't have a good scale for 2010)... which is awesome! I think I may even be 'overweight' now... not obese. woo! (Another weird reason to celebrate). As for actual weight loss... just over 15 pounds, plus the 25 from 2010 means I am down 40 pounds. Which is awsome. Another 20 to go and I will have to stop writing my blog *sniff* because I will be happy with my weight and not trying to battle the bulge anymore. Although I can't imagine a day when I am not trying to lose weight... its been my thing for 25 years.

Although next years review should be weird... hopefully there will be a bun in my oven, so I can't begin to fathom where my weight will be, but good news is... the blog wil be back in running order to lose the baby weight. Aw... relief.


That's it... I will up date with my original stats as soon as I have them.


Pounds to Lose: 19

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