Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look its me!

Hey! So I haven't been here, but that is common for me. If you've been a loyal long time reader you know I will always find my way back. I also did give fair warning that once wedding planning kicked up I would be off spending time with my other blog and you promised NOT to get jealous. Those are your feelings and I am not responsible for them... well, good feelings are all because of me (obviously) but those bad feelings are someone elses fault.

So what's new with me? You're dying to know the inner workings of my social life and fitness schedule, I know. Personally I am good... my throat is still swollen, my body aches and I haven't lost any weight BUT I am meeting with my Naturopath tomorrow to work on those things... I will be asking her for a fresh detox plan (the same as last year) and once that kicks in I will be feeling great. After the 2 weeks of feeling lower than dirt as I go through sugar withdrawals. Yay!

I have hit the gym EVERY week DAY this month (woot) and I am proud to say... I did that, I mean I would be proud to say I lost 100 pounds or I won something amazing, but I didn't. So I am just proud that I went to the gym -- a lot. I am still hovering around 25 pounds to lose. Hmpf. Frustrating when all the hard work and discipline leads to nothing. 

I am off of work tomorrow and meeting with my Naturo (as above), but I also have a prenatal doctors appointment with my GP. Its just to scoop, scan and peak at my insides and make sure I am in the best shape to make a baby. Eek!

I will be back with a full report on Thursday (I promise to make time). You will also get a full report of my Dad's health on Friday when we get a complete run down of his cancer, where it is and how we fix it. We've been waiting for a month to learn the outcome. He has prostate cancer and is choosing no treatment for that. He might also have lung cancer, but we will learn more on Friday. 

Another busy week and I can't believe January is over. Woah! 

5 months to the wedding... which means you'll have to head to http://www.whosgettingmarried.blogspot.com/ for daily blog posts. 


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