Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's time

It is January 1st. I have decided its a 'free day'; my last day to enjoy everything I love and will miss for the next 6 months, because it is 6 months till the wedding... so I have 6 months to lose 25lbs and become the healthiest I have ever been.

My Free Day is the final binge before the purge... I am eating what I want in mass quantities. Its not healthy or helpful, but its my resolution and I want to do it this way - lol.

This afternoon I am going to go through the house and rid it of EVERYTHING unhealthy... candy, cookies, crackers, chips, flakys, granola bars... everything. I am going to put it all in a box and move it to the basement. This year Richard has decided to do the 'healthy' thing with me (which is awesome) but I am still questioning his commitment, so I don't want to throw everything out. He knows to put it somewhere safe, accessible and unknown by me.

As of tomorrow I am no longer consuming dairy. I am also giving up fast food and making a commitment to eat at home 6 days a week. Richard and I tend to eat out a lot, although I make healthy choices, its not good for us OR the budget. My serious (and medically supervised) starts February 1st. I have my appointment with my naturopath January 26th and I am going to ask to do the same detox from last year... I think the stress of the wedding will be easier to handle with my health in order.

Ok... I am just rambling and I need to get to the eating... I only have a few hours left.


PS - What's your resolution???

Pounds to Lose - 25

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