Monday, January 23, 2012

In protest.

I am writing this blog in protest. I am in a deep funk I am struggling to pull out of it. Yesterday I skipped breakfast, had ice cream for lunch, potato chips for a snack and apple pie for dinner.

I just don't have the drive or will power to be good. I am sad and stressed and honestly not myself. I don't know why. I have battled depression in the past, but thought I had a good handle on it. I have another doctors appointment on the 1st of February and I am going to ask about it. I won't go on meds, not that I disagree, but I have tried them before and felt no different, no better. I am hoping to set up an appointment with a therapist. I think I might just need someone to get inside my head and work it all out.

I did go down to the gym today BUT it was mainly because we had a 6 hour power out at work, and weren't allowed to go home. Hmpf.

Hopefully I start to feel better soon... although Richard did just get laid off again... great.

I want to go home and climb into bed.


Pounds to Lose: 24

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