Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Well... it was a 'happy weekend'. Click here to see why.

I am still working hard at this weight loss thing, but I had a slack weekend. I had dessert... twice, granted I am making healthier choices and skipped the chocolate and ice cream for apple pie. The second time was a home made rice crispy square, because I was feeling weak after a battle with my mother in law.

I gained over the weekend (I always gain over the weekend), but should be back on track by Wednesday... its also a water weight thing, because I don't drink enough water on the weekend. I find it hard to consume the massive amounts required.

I hit the gym today... elliptical for 30minutes, and treadmill sprinting for 10minutes. I am scheduled to do a Nike Training Club work-out tonight, but things are a little squirrely at home with Richard on the night shift this week. I don't to rock out too hard and wake him, before is over night shift. We'll see what I can piece together.

I feel good about everything... I feel good about life. I am stressed about wedding stuff, but it should calm down once everything gets finalized. By the end of the month we should be on track and able to collect our pennies without hesitation. I can't wait to have nothing to plan... nothing to save for. I hate this worry about money non-sense.

Ok. I have rambled and shared very little about fitness.


Pounds to Lose: 21

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