Wednesday, September 24, 2014

90 Day •• Day 24

Ok. It is day 24, BUT I needed to do a little catch up. 

So today I started with Mondays (Day 22) workout while Thomas was still awake. He loves when I am bouncing around or even better when I drop into plank. He uses me as a bridge to crawl under and/or crawl over. It definitely adds something to the workout, because he is NOT a little boy anymore.

And I love when he sees me workout... I can tell him as much as I want about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but ultimately he is going to do as I do, not as I say. 

Then I moved on to Tuesdays (Day 23) workout, because last night I just didn' t have it. I fell asleep with Thomas and barely woke up to change in to my PJs. 

And then I put Thomas down for a nap, while upstairs I checked the calendar (reminding me today is Wednesday), and realized I was 7 workouts behind... SEVEN. Argh.

So I went back downstair and did ANOTHER one. I did my Wednesday Cardio, which could count for today (Day 24) but honestly I think it should count for Day 17 (last Wednesday). So after 90 minutes of working out I still have to workout tonight for today. GAH! It's so much, but I did it to myself and commited to 90 FREAKING DAYS! Not whenever I feel like it for 90 days. 

And maybe I can squeak in a double tonight (*eye roll*) and only be down 5 workouts for the 90 days and that is manageable. 


Oh and to get through the third workout... I changed my set-up. It's my day off and i wanted to watch Ellen. So I did.

Ok... I need to shower and prep the little guy, because this afternoon we are going apple picking!! We're going to ride a tractor, see the baby animals and maybe ride a pony. I'm so excited!




  1. Once again Love!!! Day off in the middle of the week - Awesome!!!

  2. Awesome Job!!! I knew you would get back at it!...P.S. mmmmm apples!