Thursday, September 4, 2014

90 DAYS •• Day Three

I survived Day 3 and am on to Day 4, which is a rest (and drink with friends) day. Woot!

Why you don't have a drawing of a stick me doing Suicide drills
#dontgooglesuicides #itsjustrunning
I did the cardio last night... instead of running. It went well.
I don't like *suicide drills.
I don't suicide drills inside.
I don't like suicide drills inside when my husband is home.
I don't like suicide drills inside, when my husband is home AND. WATCHING. ME.

I've begged him to work-out with me (after the success of the Ab Challenge), but he won't sometimes he just watches.



*Revised to write 'Suicide Drills' vs my original post of 'suicides' which I also don't like.

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