Wednesday, September 10, 2014

90 DAY •• Day Nine & Ten

Skipping days are the worst! I skipped Day 9... I was exhausted (excuse 1), my favorite show was on (excuse 2), I was stressed (excuse 3... Which was enough to make me nap).

I knew I'd make it up on Wednesday, but that meant I thought about my double workout all day. I planned dinner and Thomas's bedtime AROUND my workout. I'm obsessed.

But it's done.

First I did my Wednesday cardio and then I did my Tuesday strength training. Then I cleaned the kitchen, made lunch, emptied and loaded the dishwasher, washed and sterilized the nipples, caught the end of Finding Carter (if you're not watching it. YOU SHOULD). Finally I had a shower and now I am in bed, struggling to stay awake long enough to write this.


80 days to go! 


Ps. Yes I see the irony in marking my fitness routine on a delicious burger calendar. I'm a glutton #forpunishment

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